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Creativity without boundaries

We have an accumulated more than 150 years experience and a multinational team to support our customers.

One group, two generations.

Universum Invenio Ltd. Is a holding company that consolidates a number of technology based activities developed by its founders and its successors.

The company develops its business through its strong network of subsidiary companies and high level government contacts in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, enabling it to undertake large-scale projects. We focus on Sustainable production and productive chain development.

Our main business activities are:

  • Sustainable farm administration
  • Sustainable energy
  • Water treatment
  • Sustainable project investiment
  • Industrial Biotechnology

food, energy

and water


Why Us ?

  • We do not sell products, services or technologies. We provide real solutions. We seek the solution together with our customer to find the appropriate match for every situation.
  • We have a large stock of products, services and technologies that have been developed to solve real problems in large agriculture deployments.
  • If we do not have the product, technology or service we are closely connected with top universities and research institues around the word. We always dare to create new state of the art and break established axioms.

Our group of companies in Agriculture industry works towards maximum yields and optimum resource utilization. We not only produce specialized plant nutrients, pest and disease control products. We also integrate easy to use and affordable precision farming technologies to improve agricultural production. We work together with producers, processors and retailers to integrate agricultural products in cost efficient production chains.

-Farm Administration

-Agricultural Prospection

-Financial Services (Project Funding)

-Neural Network and Artificial Intelligence Computing


The company’s shareholders have invested the last 50 years in developing a unique combination of expertise: a vast Bank of microorganisms for industrial utilization, unique methods of activation, processing and extraction, as well as purification technologies. The company develops industrial enzymes, biosurfactants and other bio-based compounds for its further utilisation in several industries.

-Supplies for Sustainability

-Farm Software




We take knowledge and products into the real world. We produce engineering designs, plants and equipment for agricultural industry, industrial biotechnology and water treatment. From agricultural greenhouses to hydrogen from water, to water recycling and reutilization we have it all covered.

-Sustainable  Energy

-New &  Sustainable Materials

Over 6 million hectares under farm administration

Sustainable Biogas Plants






-Own R&D in every company.

-Agreements with leading universities and research centers across the world.

-Create value throug state of the art technologies.

-Neural Network and Artificial Intelligence Computing


-+150 yearss in the market.

-Market in 58 countries; own companies in 10.

-Privately held. Lean & Agile Team.

-Private public partnerships in china and Argentina.


-Provinding complete customer solutions.

-Connecting needs, markets and solutions with capital sources.

Where to find us

+852 2824 8505

Unit 01, 82 / F International Commerce Centre

1 Austin Road West


Hong Kong, P.R.C.